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Quilt Basics

Caring for Quilts

All quilts are made from 100% cotton fabrics and quilt batting unless otherwise indicated. These quilts are designed to be used and enjoyed, however, please handle with care as you would any fine textile or piece of furniture.

We recommend washing our quilts in cold water using the gentle cycle of your washer. Front loading washing machines should be used on any quilt larger than a throw size. We recommend using 1/2 to 1 teaspoon Ivory Ultra Dish Soap. While all fabrics are pre-washed, we also recommend using a Shout Color Catcher in the wash cycle to help retain color and ensure fabrics do not bleed. The quilt can then be dried on lowest temperature setting of your dryer. You may want to take the quilt out when it is slightly damp and lay it flat.

Washing and drying the quilt will highlight the quilting pattern and give the quilt more texture. If you prefer the quilt have a more “flat” appearance, you can also iron it after washing and drying.


As mentioned above, quilts are made from 100% cotton fabric unless otherwise indicated. We use 100% cotton batting as well (the inside layer between the quilt top and backing fabrics), although cotton/polyester blend and 100% wool battings are available. Please note, prices are based on using cotton batting; substituting cotton/polyester or wool batting will change prices.


In general, the dimensions of our quilts are as follows:

Baby quilts
Stroller quilts
30” x 40”
25” x 30”

50” x 75”
65” x 90”
86” x 92”

102” x 92”

Wall hangings and bed runners - Dimensions based on quilt design and client needs.

While we maintain a small inventory of quilts, most are made to order, so please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. We can customize the size and colors of any of our quilts for an additional charge. In addition, we can create custom designs to fit your needs. Fabric swatches are also available.



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