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Hand Quilted Hot Pad Made Denim

Create unique, welcoming spaces
one detail at a time.

New in the Shop!

Whole cloth baby quilts with flannel on one side and quilting cotton on the other are perfect for snuggling under on cold days!

Two versions – one with blue binding and a polka dot backing, the other with an apple green binding and backing. See them here and here.

Change your view… For many, your home is also the place where you work, play and maybe even attend school. Adding a new piece of artwork that can be rotated with others from time to time can help refresh a space and your mood! Check out our quilted wall hangings here.

Workshops & Events

When it comes to making, we’re about slowing down and building your repertoire of techniques. The focus is on the process, not the finish line. 

Explore and Create

We all need a creative “language” – a way to express ourselves, communicate ideas, process all that is happening in our world… For me, that language is primarily embroidery and quilting.

As a maker, designer and teacher, I share finished goods, DIY projects, and insights I’ve gleaned about the creative process with others. 

Check out workshop offerings and the shop to join in this creative journey!

Community Partnerships

Jumpstart creativity in the workplace by hosting a workshop or pop-up maker space. 

Create unique experiences for your customers by hosting a workshop in your retail space. 

Connect with others over a shared interest in embroidery, quilting, and developing a creative habit. If you are a library, community organization, or a group of friends, let’s talk about workshop options.

The Importance of Craft

Making something with our hands is an antidote to this fast-paced, hyper-connected world in which we live.

It presents an opportunity to turn off our devices, make space for quiet, and get lost in the flow – that place where we lose track of time and simply embrace the process of making. It also provides the opportunity to connect with others in our community, start conversations and link generations.

Street drain covered in leaves
Acorns, seed heads, and other found objects from a walk

Find time to make something on a regular basis: It could be a made from scratch dinner (nothing fancy here but nothing out of a box either), a floral arrangement thoughtfully arranged with what you find in your neighborhood (think fallen branches, dried flower heads, even weeds), or organizing a collection of found objects (could even be all those random little parts you find in the house now and then that you have no idea where they came from but they look interesting).

Short on time – slow down your walk when you’re on the go and notice the “art” that is all around like the leaves arranged on this drain.