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Finished Goods

We’re all for paring down living & work spaces to include only those things we love- for their beauty, their meaning, their comfort. That’s why we focus on making everyday objects that we hope become part of your story: the quilt everyone snuggles under for story time, the pillow that adds just the right pizzazz to the sofa, the coffee mug warmer you take wherever you go to feel like you’ve brought a bit of home along…

DIY Kits and Patterns

Remember those unscheduled days and nights before responsibilities like school, work and parenting took center stage?

With our DIY kits and patterns, we invite you to slow down, take a break and reconnect with your creative self – early in the morning, middle of the day or late at night – and get lost in the flow of making. Our kits make it easy to begin: We’ve scouted beautiful fabrics, then designed a project around them (or vice versa- whichever comes first!) and broken it down into easy to follow steps.

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