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A little about me

Quilter • Textile Designer • Teacher

Yvonne Malone sitting in front of ABC Quilt

A little about me

Quilter • Textile Designer • Teacher

Early on I discovered a passion for making and was fortunate to be surrounded by great teachers that included my mother, grandmothers, aunts, and a neighbor in one town we lived in, Mary Ann (who was the coolest maker over the age of 20 that I knew!). In the summer when other kids looked forward to camp, swim lessons and other activities, I looked forward to finally having time to sew and experiment with other crafts. This included making clothes, needlepoint pillows, macramé plant hangers, knitted scarves, embroidered pillow cases, decoupage boxes, love beads…

In 2004, I decided to put my sewing skills to work and launched my quilt-making business. Since that time, I have made many quilts and expanded into other textiles – always with a focus on creating pieces that are meant to be used in everyday life and a belief that a few well-made, well-designed items (quilts, clothes, you name it) make for a much more sustainable lifestyle than a bunch of poorly constructed ones.

My designs have a modern bent but with a nod to traditional designs and techniques. Many of my quilts begin with a piece of repurposed clothing: I’ve been known to buy my husband shirts with the intent of using them in a quilt down the road.

I grew up in northern Illinois and central Indiana, graduating from Indiana University before returning to Chicago.

These days, I can be found making in my studio, teaching workshops, hanging out with family and friends, and, as co-director of The Art Department, making our community more art-centric by designing and hosting exhibits, community art projects and other events.


Early Crafting Adventures

There is something fascinating about miniature anything. Maybe it was a visit to the Thorne Miniature Rooms that got me into making small things including these animals crafted from apricot pits. Since I was not a fan of the fruit, I encouraged everyone else to eat them. My grandmother chipped in big time by making lots of apricot jam so that I could complete the menagerie! Those little dots at the top – lentil ladybugs. A friend’s mom taught me how to make those. So cool…

Technique and Creativity Workshops

Our technique and creativity workshops focus on building your repertoire of skills, adding to your library of creative exercises, and laying the groundwork for establishing a creative habit.

Emphasizing process and play over the finished product allows us to step out of a fast-paced world and into a creative workspace where you can get lost in the flow.


The Inspired Maker: Influences from the World Around Us

In this 3-hour workshop, dig into the process of moving from inspiration to finished piece. Working with colored pencils, graphite pencils, and paper, complete a creative exercise (think arts & crafts, not calisthenics!) to get you thinking about your next project.


Amp Up Your Creativity: Play in Different Fields

In this 6-hour class, explore embroidery, applique, and other needlework techniques to create a design that reflects your creative voice.


Creative Exercises to Boost Your Creativity

In this class (3 or 6-hour formats), it’s all about play! Build your repertoire of different exercises all aimed at pushing through creative roadblocks and expanding your stitching skills.


Creativity Through Craft

This workshop combines my background in strategic planning, marketing, and making. Designed to transport participants away from their day-to-day responsibilities and roles to cultivate out-of-the-box thinking, level the playing field, and foster communication, the flexible format can be tailored to your needs and locale.


Quilt Stories

Part show and tell, part conversation, learn about the stories behind the quilts; finish with a paper quilt project. The format of this 90-minute class can be tailored to the group, including educational settings and adult day centers.


Trunk Show

Designed to be integrated with any lecture, workshop or class, the trunk show features my quilts and the story behind each one.


Sewing 101

Whether you are new to sewing or are looking to wake up your skills, the focus is the same: building a repertoire of sewing techniques while learning about tools and fabric selection. This six-week class focuses on a different project each week and can be taught as one-on-one private lessons or to small groups.

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