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Make & Connect Workshops

The goal behind each Make & Connect Workshop – besides sharing knowledge about technique and process – is to create the time and space for folks to unplug from busy lives, get lost in the flow of making, connect with others, and tap into their creative selves. 

Make & Connect Workshops Include:

Playing With Circles


Use different sized circles to create a piece of art on new cloth or a repurposed item. Use this workshop as an opportunity to let your mind wander - or simply find calm in the practice of stitching.

Garden Party


Taught as a single 2-1/2 hour class or a 4-part series with each workshop focuses on several embroidery stitches. Ideas for finishing (think pillows or framed pictures) are also presented.

Intuitive Embroidery


Understory, a linen table mat perfect for placing under a vase of flowers, features an embroidered floral motif. The finished piece measures approximately 12" square.

Nested Boxes


This graphic two-color quilt design, featuring concentric squares, provides a fresh look to rooms whether your decorating style runs modern or traditional.

Technique & Creativity Workshops

Technique & Creativity Workshops focus on building your repertoire of skills, adding to your library of creative exercises, and laying the groundwork for establishing a creative habit.

Emphasizing process and play over the finished product allows you to step out of a fast-paced, “just get it done” world and into a creative workspace where you can get lost in the flow.

Technique & Creativity Workshops Include:

Intuitive Embroidery

This workshop is all about expressing yourself on cloth. Using several basic, foundational stitches, we will play with color, form, and texture. At the end of the workshop, you will have a unique textile that can be finished and displayed - or can simply serve as a "sketchbook page" to refer to in the future.

Creative Exercises

This class is all about play! Build your repertoire of different exercises all aimed at pushing through creative roadblocks and expanding your stitching skills.

Creativity Through Craft

Combining my background in strategic planning, marketing, and making, this workshop is designed to transport participants away from day-to-day responsibilities and roles to cultivate out-of-the-box thinking, level the playing field, and foster communication.

Amp Up Your Creativity

In this class, explore embroidery, applique, and other needlework techniques to create a design that reflects your creative voice.

Schedule a Workshop

Interested in creating a pop-up maker space in a retail setting, coffee shop, public library, corporate environment...? Please reach out to discuss the possibilities!

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